Online dating for newbies

online dating

Keep in mind that this is incredibly different from traditional dating because you will be getting to know the person through computers rather than through an actual date. Assuming you are novice to this kind of setup in meeting new people, there are pointers that can help get your message across in the most efficient way. Below are some pointers

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Overcoming a Divorce

overcoming a divorce

Those who have gone through a separation, you already know that it’s not easy coping with divorce. It’s natural to feel pain, to struggle, and perhaps wonder if you will ever get over it. Thankfully, a lot of individuals have gotten in this aching event and some have shared valuable techniques and tips they have utilized in coping with the

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Post Break-Up Sadness Explained

painful love

Let’s call it toxic ex syndrome – otherwise known as post-break-up sadness on crack. It’s a condition that breaks not only your heart but also your spirit and your will to shower. It makes you feel crazy, reducing your days to Facebook stalking and bouts of crying. And it is not just in your head, it affects both your brain

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11 Signs He Is Into You

he is into you

Waiting to hear your partner say “I love you” can send your confusion levels into overdrive. But even if he hasn’t actually said the words, he might have shown you his true feelings. How do you know if a guy is really into you? In case you have been blind all this time, watch out for the following hints he

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How to rekindle your relationship

valuable relationship

Say goodbye to routine and hello to long lasting love with these romantic ideas Romantic Getaway After a while being in a relationship, the two of you soon start arguing more and more and at the same time are absorbed by mundane tasks, eg pizza and movie every Friday night. My friend had a great idea to fix this problem,

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The Break Up Guide


Because the sobbing and listening to sad, melancholy songs is only acceptable for a week, max How do you know you are heartbroken? Imagine this, you are on the receiving end of the breakup, you take the news with dignity and a little bit of the self-pride that’s left, you let the news sink in slowly. Once the news is

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