Dating tips for guys

Dating for guys

A Man’s Game Do you want to know how to seduce a woman? Do you want to reach a deeper level with that special person who just sees you as a simple friend or simply ignores you? Well, keep reading this article, because I want to show you exactly how to do it while still being genuine and authentic self. Following simple easy

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What is a Sugar Baby?

Sugar Daddy

What is a Sugar Baby? Many university-age women than ever are taking to the web to find sugar daddies who’ll pay for their tuition, trips and designer bags…..but the perks can come at a steep price. This is a bit of a movement. Lots of girls aged between 19-25 are trying out this new thing where they will go out

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Romance Paradox Part I


The Romance Paradox – Mixed Massages Can Leave Men Dumbfounded Sometimes, these old-fashioned romantic paradoxes leave a lot of men dumbfounded, unsure of who they are dealing with or how to act: does she want to be treated like the power player she seems to be, or the sappy romantic that she may secretly be (have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?). It

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The Romance Paradox

Is Old-Fashioned Romance Attractive Again? These days, a lot more modern women are craving old-fashioned gestures of love. But can you accept them without throwing off the balance of power. Psst. Here’s a little secret: many independent women who are in relationships would prefer not to wear the pants. In fact, they want their men to kick it old-school by say, opening

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If Love Is Painful

painful love

“I am ready for a new relationship”, she said. “You may help me with this.” “O.k. Tell me more about your past relationships,” I asked her. “I had some relationships. I deeply loved them. But it never lasted long. I had to leave them. It was just too painful. They had so much baggage of their past,” she continued her

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Real Love?

Real love

Love gets a bad rap, bad press, and a bad reputation because we “badly” present it. (I know this is grammatically incorrect) Real Love feels warm, cozy and fuzzy. It feels really, really, good. The very thought of love makes you go all gaga, and silly. The mere mention of a place associated with the person that causes you to

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Online Dating Do’s and Don’t’s

Online dating is all the rage. We have all seen the commercials promising love and marriage if only you agree to their terms and use their site. While dating online may be a new and exciting thing for many, keeping safe while you are doing it is of utmost importance. When filling out your online profile try to be as

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