Love works wonders


The ups and downs that we encountered in our lives are just part of our survival. Often, it will lead to a more promising and rewarding journey ahead especially if we believe in the power of love. Love is powerful and infinite because it has the power to heal us from the emotional setbacks that we have encountered. It gives

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Friends Are Waiting

group of people

My paternal grandfather, Robert Hancock, was an orphan who was sent to Canada by the Dr. Barnardo organization when he had just turned eleven years of age. He was a wonderful man and I was named after him (my middle name is Roberta). Three years ago I began doing research and traced the family tree back to 1642 Cornwall. So,

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Is a Destination Wedding Right For You?


When you think of a destination wedding in its simplest form, you think of two people traveling to a destination away from home to get married. It can be just the couple, couple with family, or couple with family and friends. It most cases, it is quite intimate. However, it can be a much larger event, depending on the couple’s

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Types of Wedding Bands

wedding band

A wedding ring is the true symbol of marriage. Exchanging rings on the wedding day marks the union of two people. It is the reminder of eternal love and commitment that two people share with each other and a promise to be together for lifetime. A wedding ring stays with you forever; therefore it is very important to select it

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About Stress and Dating

stress and dating

As humans, we cannot survive without stress, no more than we can survive without each other. Stress is necessary because it helps us to cope with every day life’s situations. However, when it comes to dating, the tension can become overwhelming, especially during the holidays. When you meet someone for the first time, you may be under extreme pressure to

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How to Talk to Women Easily

how to talk to women easily

When meeting a woman, the biggest obstacle many men face is how to make their approach. When guys approach and fail, the problem is usually that they didn’t put any thought into what they are going to say until they were face-to-face with the woman they wanted to talk to. At that point, it was too late. The poor guy

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How to Enjoy Being Single

enjoy being single

We often get so dependent on having someone else around that we forget that it is still enjoyable and good to be single. Many of us sink into an overpowering depression when we are single that cripples us and alters our progress. Often, this leads to jumping into a relationship that is harmful to our mental health and perhaps even

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Why We Fall In Love

why we may fall in love

Many people believe that humans fall in love purely because it is a law of Physics. Everything comes in pairs, two of everything. It is possible that this age-old simple law is indeed behind everything? Scientists tell us that we cannot escape these laws that create our world. But is that the only truth? Is there more? Is there a

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Does Unconditional Love Exist?

unconditional love

I have often wondered if unconditional love really exists. People say that parents love their children unconditionally, but I’ve seen a lot of exceptions to the rule. Thankful it’s not the case when it comes to my parents. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they ‘want someone to love them for who they are’ or the infamous (if

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